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Dervish Images creates unique photography for commercial and personal use.  If you would like to discuss your imaging requirements please feel free to contact me.

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Russell Dixon




To view more of my images please visit my web site:

or my Flickr page:



3 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Great photos of Whitby goth weekend. You have put 2 photos of myself and the wife ,dressed in red,on flickr. Is it possible we could have copies please. many thanks Charlie Webster

  2. Russ, I love the way you set moods with color. A great eye and photo skills. I checked out your web site and it was pretty fine also. What is your camera of choice? Do you do a lot of PhotoShop?
    Check me out at or my blog here on Word Press.
    I tend to do different moods than you but color just knocks me out!


    • Hi Richard, thanks for the comments, I use a Canon 5D mkII as my main camera, i do use Photoshop for Mono conversions and to tweak the tonal contrast of my colour shots.

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