12 comments on “Daily Post – Weightless – Pukekura Park Star Trail

  1. Great images! I prefer the vertical format. I think it works best for the composition, that divide between bright land and dark, star-studded sky, and it also allows for you to have that complete circle with the trails.

    • Hi Laura, I think the vertical shot is the better composition of the 2, still trying to decide which sensor gives the best results. i really need a faster wide angle for the Canon, might go back and give it another go.

  2. Hi Russ- I think I agree with Laura. The portrait orientation really shows off those magnificent star trails. Both are fabulous captures. Happy New Year!

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  5. For a change my preference differs to others! … maybe partly driven by your title/description – something I’ve just realised I need to think more about due to the way it affects the viewer.
    Anyway, the first image (my preference) seems to be more about the Festival, with the night sky seemingly being part of the event; helped by the excellent composition which unites all the elements.
    The second image strikes me as more about the star trails with the Festival included for foreground interest.
    They are both lovely though so I guess the ‘better’ version depends on what you were trying to emphasise …

    • Hi Noeline, thanks for the comments, I think my favorite shot of the 2 is the second, the idea was to shoot the stars, with the festival only providing a secondary interest for the foreground. I’m still not sure from a technical point of view which system gives the better shot, the Fuji or the Canon, perhaps because the composition is different for both shots, it is an unfair comparison.

    • Hi, it’s not stitched, rather it is around 250 frames merged together, to balance the exposure between the sky and the foreground I added a layer to the final shot, with one of the first shots from the stack, when the exposure for the foreground had more detail in it, I then masked out the foreground from the stacked image with the one from the early shot, and blended them together. Hope that is clear, it’s easier than it sounds.

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