5 comments on “Newly Published Book Covers

  1. This is great! I read your article on Stock Photography as well, thanks so much for that! It doesn’t sound bad at all! I often wonder what the heck I should do with all my (decidedly non-pro) images. To have one on a book cover would be almost like having a book out 🙂 Food for thought. (Actually: to have the book out with own cover! Yeah! New plan! 😉

    • Hi Manja, look through Arcangels site and see what they accept, they do take LOTS of shots of models in period dress etc, and images for romance/historical covers, but I don’t shoot any of that material, and still do ok with it, they have a section on the site bout becoming a contributor. You won’t get rich, but it helps pay for kit, and feels great when you pass one of your covers in the book shop.

      • Thanks, Russ! Will have a look. As for models in period dresses, that idea really gave me a giggle, especially as I imagined my amore, or even worse, my dog, in a lovely period attire 😀

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