8 comments on “Getting it wrong, and doing it again

  1. You make an excellent point. I have had the same experience with a number of images. We photographers should always be looking to improve our craft. If that means start over on a image, so be it. The second image is definitely more natural. As a suggestion, the bright white patch above the top of the fall gets very distracting. I’m assuming that is from a clearer patch of sky that may be burnt out. If you could mute that a bit, it might improve the image more.

    • Hi John, your right about the patch of sky, I tired pretty much everything to reduce it and make it less distracting, the sun was directly behind the trees. I tried cloning trees across but it did not look natural, it already has a grad filter over it, toning it down further left it grey and muddy, I was happy to get enough separation between the top of the waterfall and the sky, so the water did not blend into the sky.

      • Have you considered putting a nice dark sky in a layer below, then creating a white mask out of the main image and using a black brush to eliminate the burnt out sky?

  2. The second version works better for me.
    I spent some time ‘calibrating’ my Big Stopper to find the best WB and actual ‘stoppage’ – if that’s the right word! It was an interesting exercise but also paid off when using the thing for real.

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