9 comments on “Lone Fisherman

  1. Hi Noeline, thanks for the comments, the colour version (slightly different crop) can be found here: (click pic for larger version)

    Catching The Sunset

  2. I applaud your decision to post the black and white version. I’ve been thinking about your photograph all morning and had decided to write to second your choice, thinking the color of the sunset could overwhelm the curving line and other interesting elements of the composition. Now I can see that while the color version with its slightly different crop is a nice photograph, for me it doesn’t have the impact of the B&W.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for the comments. I have always seen myself as a mono photographer, all my inspiration comes from the greats, Adams, Brassai, HCB, Brandt, and Doisneau. Although of late I have been shooting more colour as location and circumstances force. I like the colour version, but think like you do that the mono version has more impact, somehow sometimes colour can be a distraction.

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