10 comments on “Skeleton Abstract

      • I really meant to say it’s a beautiful image in its own right, not just a utilitarian piece to sell a product.

    • I struggle a lot with the book cover images, the agency’s idea of conceptual images often differs significantly form my own 😎 often I’m left scratching my head at the images they accept and the ones they reject. I never considered this for a cover, but I might just send it through and see what they think.

      • They’d probably reverse the image and lose all that eloquent blank space behind wording… Sorry I suggested it now!

      • Hey no worries 😎 if they accepted it and sold it, i could make some more money, your right they would ruin the blank space, fill it with garish text but it helps pay the bills, who knows the book cover designers are still an enigma 😎

    • Thanks Noeline, I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out, as it was taken near midday with lots of light, I managed to get a 1 minute exposure out of it but only by using f32. I will return when a full moon, and high tide coincide and try to do a longer night exposure.

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