6 comments on “First book cover published with Arcangel Images

  1. Good stuff, well done! Interesting that you’ve found out about your photographs usage, I’ve never been told about any usage by Alamy who some of mine are with.

    • Hi Andy, I didn’t actually get told about the sale, as the payment hasn’t come through to me yet, I actually found out about it by reading the free local paper here in New Zealand where I now live, as they were doing a book review, and I looked at the cover and thought that looks suspiciously like one of my shots, had to get in touch with Arcangel to confirm and then have a look i the book shop to see the credits 😎

  2. Hi Russ, so how do you know when you have actually sold something on Arcangel. I’m just dipping my toe into this market so don’t actually expect any sales yet, but I am a little bit disappointed by the level of feedback the site gives you just in terms or impressions or search statistics. Would be great to know if my images are adequately keyworded and are appearing in client searches etc. Would have at least expected them to notify you when you make a sale!

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