12 comments on “Can You Make Money From Stock Photography?

  1. Russ, Very interesting and informative post- thank you. Congratulations on your success with this agency. I love your work and your recognition is well deserved.

    • Hi Jane, thanks for the very kind words, all I need now is for some publishers to like the work, and pass some business my way 😎

  2. As Jane says, very informative and interesting – thank you.
    …. and congratulations – not only in your success but also in actually getting ‘out there’ and giving it a go!

    • Thanks Noeline, it was a great feeling when they accepted my images, will be an even better day if I ever sell some 😎

  3. Interesting article, I have some images with Alamy,and while I’ve sold a few via this route, I’ve sold more (and for more money) through my website. I might look up Arcangel as my work is more likely to be sold for books and magazines.

  4. Really interesting discussion of the issues and processes. Good luck with branching out on this — look forward to seeing your credits!

  5. Really interesting and informative article, thank you. I’m just making my submission to Arcangel this week, and hoping to have as positive experience as you have had.

    Good luck, and hope the sales come in.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for the comments, good luck with Arcangel, I have just made my first sale with a book cover, so it does happen….are you on the Arcangel facebook group?

  6. Very interesting post. Something I’ve never tried, maybe someday, although I’m retired and don’t need to make money from photography. Actually, I had a request for one of my images as sole image for a book cover recently, had no idea what to charge, so just asked for $100 and a copy of the book.

    • Hi Murray, what to charge can be a mine field, as there are so many different variables that affect what the agencies charge, mostly it depends on print run and geographical location of the print, IE, US, Europe, Asia or worldwide for example. My last cover was worldwide and I got paid in the region of 400 euros for the image, but don’t forget my agency takes a 50% cut, so the publisher paid more than 800 euro’s for the picture.

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