6 comments on “Extract or Abstract?

  1. Fantastic textures – and well composed too. It can be hard sometimes isolating (or extracting?!) elements for a good image – maybe that’s why AA referred to ‘extracts’! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m being pedantic, but you could say that all photographs are extracts, certainly when you have a scene of a huge magnitude in front of you like some of Adams landscapes. But there again, isolating the details can be more interesting and rewarding than the whole scene sometimes, especially if you are overwhelmed by something, or are spoilt for choice on how to compose an image.

  3. Another finely observed study. Great textures, and without the commentary I’d be hard put to say what I’m supposed to be looking at.

    Extract vs Abstract: a rather finicky distinction, I’m inclined to think. From remembrances of schoolboy Latin I’d guess that ‘extract’ implies a drawing-out-of while ‘abstract’ suggests a drawing-away-from. The difference? You tell me.

  4. Amazing textures captured here.
    I like the composition of line and pattern also.

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