2 comments on “Winter Landscape Silhouette

  1. If you don’t mind I’m interested in what you think of Silver Efex. How different is it to working in Photoshop? Does it do things PS can’t do or does it just take longer in PS? Anything advice/suggestions you can offer would be much appreciated.
    I assume most of your shots are processed with it?

  2. Hi Noeline, all my mono shots are converted with SEP2 and most of my colour shots are tweaked a bit by Colour Efex Pro 4. The whole Nik Suite is very good, but expensive. I find that SEP gives me much more control over all aspects of the process, as well as being much quicker than PS. The control point tech that comes in most of the Nik plugins enables you to pick a point in the images and lighten/darken that area with out affecting the rest of the image, you canmake many other adjustments to small areas too with the control points. It’s worth downloading a trial version, although only if you have the money in the bank to buy the full version 😎 you can create recipies (like actions) within the plugin which lets you go straight to the look you want, and do minor tweaks, or you can use Nik’s own recipies, I usually create my own.

    Hope that helps


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